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Key Contact Informations

For prospective schools and media inquiries, email:

For schools, students and organisations in the Sydney, Australia region, email:

Student: Will I get paid?

No. By working through Pixie Dust you are providing volunteer services. This means that you can earn volunteer hours towards awards such as the Duke of Edinburgh.

Student: How many hours will I need to commit?

Any amount you want! You can decide the exact terms of your work with your organisation/employer, including when you how, how you work and where you work (most commonly online!).

Is it easy to find matches?

Finding the perfect match is a complex process. But, we do our best to make this as simple as fast as possible. Following the pandemic, there may be some changes that makes it harder to find perfect matches.

Schools.: Will my students be safe?

We will do our utmost to keep your school's childrens safe. For more information, visit our policies page.

School.: How can a school join?

Pixie Dust and the offered programs can be a club or society at your school. If you have one or two students who are interested, they can even form a friend group and work on a specific project together!

Org.: What kinds of organisations can join Pixie Dust?

We welcome all sorts of organisations, from small businesses to major non-profit charities! We want to accept and help as many orgs. as we can, but the eligibility is dependent on NZ law regarding Children's employment. 

Org.: Can I choose students?

Yes and no. To protect the privacy of minors, we do not release our databases. However, we will match you with students based on their portfolio work (which you can review and choose). Don't worry, all of our creatives are talented and dedicated (we have a review system)!

Org.: Why do I need to be vetted?

The Children's Act of 2014 requires all individuals working with children to be vetted by the New Zealand Police. Your organisation will need to submit a vetting process for any individual working with our student creatives.

Org.: My organisation is not based in NZ. How do the terms and rules apply to me?

If your organisation is not based in New Zealand or Australia, you must provide children's employment in accordance with local laws and practices. We will still require a background check (albeit not completed by the NZ Police) before we approve your application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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